Welcome to the wiki, for now all it is, is a online notebook for my ideas until I get RPG Maker. Go ahead and feel free to add ideas in the comments. I may add them in later.

The Story Itself

This wiki is about an RPG based on my story: Gaia: Sunset. It has yet to be finished let alone published. So the story's main character is Luna, a wolf who is possesed by the demon, Persolus. In the first chapter she is possesed. You can tell if Persolus is there by eye color change from blue/green/amber to silver. I am planning that she will have 4-7 victims by the time I'm finished.

Demons, I am planning will have a dangerous part in-game. Guild leaders and loners will be possesed and extremely powerful having the elements of physical and spiritual. Other things such as gyspies and arsenals have yet to be planned and written in the story.

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